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A house of lust…
The parties at the Clabeaux Mansion are notorious. Blood, sex, power—you can find it all here when the magic tides are rising and the moon is full.
A cost…
But, of course, nothing is free. Vampires, wizards, werewolves—they all must pay a toll. In blood and power…and maybe even their lives.
A witch of the Clabeaux Mansion, Jade is in the stages of Becoming. If she wants to survive, she’ll have to find her mate before the clock strikes three.
Something’s gone wrong…
This isn’t the normal Becoming. Instead of being mated to one man, she’s found a mate in two. And one particular werewolf wasn’t supposed to be on the menu…
Things are about to get complicated.
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Looks Good!

Buy it here: An Endless Kind Of Love by Krista Lakes “I thought you were beautiful the first time I saw you in the rain…” Dylan: The sudden death of Dylan’s father was a wake-up call. After pouring a decade of his life into his company, Dylan felt like had nothing to show for it. […]

via An Endless Kind Of Love by Krista Lakes — A Published Romance

Seduced by Night

The night’s taken the sky, pressing itself down upon the earth and you know what that means—
The TV’s turned off, and strands of music thrum at the air, like calloused fingers on a guitar. The kind of fingers that would slide under the strap of a woman’s bra and drag it down her shoulder. Those are the kind of fingers that would undo a hairclip to comb their way through a woman’s hair, shivers tingling along her scalp, down her neck and back…
I lick the tip of my pen and stretch out on the bed to stroke my pen against the fresh page in my notebook, tattooing a scene of passion to the pages in blue ink.
May the night seduce you into doing something naughty.

It always works for me.

Jump and I’ll Mess You Up

Good afternoon, my sweaty fellow beings! The day is hot and moist and not in a fun way. But take a page from the play book of the little jumping spider in the seat beside me. Stick to the shadows. Crawl around on the floorboard. And stay a safe distance from the writer weilding the flipflop.

Have a great day!

Hairy Woman Romance?

I’m a fan of cartoons. I was looking through my timeline and saw one that caught my eye.

It showed stretch marks, fat, and hair on a woman and her acceptance of it and how beautiful she was herself.

Do you ever wish you saw more realistic romances? I mean, they can still fall in love within a few days, but maybe some more imperfections in our heroes and heroines? Just curious.

May the night be bold and beautiful!