Jump and I’ll Mess You Up

Good afternoon, my sweaty fellow beings! The day is hot and moist and not in a fun way. But take a page from the play book of the little jumping spider in the seat beside me. Stick to the shadows. Crawl around on the floorboard. And stay a safe distance from the writer weilding the flipflop.

Have a great day!


Hairy Woman Romance?

I’m a fan of cartoons. I was looking through my timeline and saw one that caught my eye.

It showed stretch marks, fat, and hair on a woman and her acceptance of it and how beautiful she was herself.

Do you ever wish you saw more realistic romances? I mean, they can still fall in love within a few days, but maybe some more imperfections in our heroes and heroines? Just curious.

May the night be bold and beautiful!

Nightmare in the Shadows

Ooo,look at this review for a horror. Hmmm, I could do a little outside genre reading.

DS&JM Reviews

Nightmare in the Shadows

Reviewed by: Demetrius Svette

Nightmare in the Shadows starts us with Brooke Stevens, who is a newspaper journalist by trade, on vacation to in her in her small hometown of Brines, Missouri. The small town is rocked by a gruesome discovery while Brooke is home visiting her father; a local jogger has found a mass grave containing six bodies in a neighbor’s field- so much for her vacation. This isn’t the first time this quiet town has been rocked by a murderer’s secret- just ten years prior, Ms. Steven’s own mother was murdered without the cops finding any trace of her killer. With a killer that only wants to talk to Brooke and death threats on everyone around her including herself, will Ms. Stevens be able to break the code of the killer before it’s too late?

Stephanie Brown has a gift of building characters and an incredible story that…

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